Dodge Challenger Demon v Porsche 911 Turbo S - DRAG RACE

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It’s time for an almighty USA vs Germany drag race!
Mat’s in the absolutely huge Dodge Challenge Demon, and he’s lining up against Yianni in the Porsche 911 Turbo S!
When you compare them on paper, it looks like the Dodge has it in the bag. With a humungous 6.2-litre supercharged V8 under its massive bonnet, the Challenge Demon can put down 808hp and 972Nm! As a result, it seemingly dwarfs the 911 Turbo S, which has a 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat-six, which can produce 650hp & 800Nm.
But of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve driven a Porsche 911 Turbo S on this channel, and we know you’re pretty much guaranteed a 1/4 mile time of less than 10.5 seconds!
So how do you think this will play out? Will the Dodge be able to put its power down? Or is the Porsche set to grab another victory?
You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
Thanks to CS Panda for lending us the Dodge -
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Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars 22 päeva tagasi
Hi Mat here. So I've ordered a car which will beat both of these in a drag race... Can you guess what it is?
James Smith
James Smith 7 päeva tagasi
I think you did the drag on the dodge demon wrong, and the car you buy is the Ford GT
Kyle Lavery
Kyle Lavery 15 päeva tagasi
Mclaren 765LT
Faris Kovač
Faris Kovač 18 päeva tagasi
Honda civic with laptop😅
sapo132 19 päeva tagasi
VW Bug? 😂
Steven Piaia
Steven Piaia 21 päev tagasi
K Walter Rasquinha
K Walter Rasquinha 17 minutit tagasi
Demons go under 9.5 seconds and they chose a wet track
somefobe 47 minutit tagasi
The Dodge is a 9 sec. car stock. Why such a problems to launch it?
Atreyo O'neal
Atreyo O'neal Tund tagasi
On paper that challenger would’ve smoked that Porsche
Qimi Naqiemi
Qimi Naqiemi Tund tagasi
Mat : this is scary as hell Yianni : its that easy
mark hughes
mark hughes Tund tagasi
245 years of independence and that's the best they could do
ahhungkoko Tund tagasi
I guess you have to shave bald your head & beef up some muscle before win it with ten second Challenger.
Sebastian Gomez
Sebastian Gomez Tund tagasi
Just for the slings, te Dodge can do de 1/4 of mile in 8.9 seg
Luís Nunes
Luís Nunes 2 tundi tagasi
Murika 😂
Hartmann 3 tundi tagasi
1:19 that deserves a standing ovation
Jani Mani
Jani Mani 7 tundi tagasi
Quantum K
Quantum K 7 tundi tagasi
I’ll order a 911 S turbo please
Muhammad-Ali_cpm 8 tundi tagasi
Matt do you remember the Dodge Challenger Demon race again the Porsche 911 Turbo S? Thy to repeat the race, but this time on a Dodge Challenger Demon with all-wheel drive from a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhove
Josh Riles
Josh Riles 8 tundi tagasi
Doing a burnout and then thinking it will launch an hour later
Josh Riles
Josh Riles 8 tundi tagasi
Never try an American accent again- America
Chris Walden
Chris Walden 9 tundi tagasi
The Demon is a useless attempt at its own game, so sad. Leave the drag racing to car builders, not car dealers. The thing weighs over 2 tons and cant even hook up enough to save its life, and when it does it still cant even keep up with a premium car designed around optimizing corning/handling as its primary feature, and with over 150 less hp. Such a disgrace. Someone actually expected to spend 137k for one of these?! Bahaha
Raja Sultan
Raja Sultan 9 tundi tagasi
No stock car can beat the challenger on the drag strip
Triptisim 10 tundi tagasi
It’s called a “challenger” because it will never be a “champion” lmao
Raja Sultan
Raja Sultan 9 tundi tagasi
It is a champion but on the drag strip
itz Musawer
itz Musawer 10 tundi tagasi
Big American V8 😂
Andrew 11 tundi tagasi
I have never wanted the porsche to lose more then now
85hitta.t3 12 tundi tagasi
Put an experience driver in that dodge it it’s gon keep up with that Porsche
ss camaro
ss camaro 13 tundi tagasi
Is that even a demon ? I dont thing so
Andres A.
Andres A. 13 tundi tagasi
The Dodge does the quarter mile in 9.65 seconds. He does not know how to take it out or handle it. They did not remove the speed limiter that can be removed as well. where he was able to go out in sports mode without skidding, he was ejected against the Porch.
andre johns
andre johns 14 tundi tagasi
bruh u ahve make my fav car loose
i 15 tundi tagasi
Athlete vs Bodybuilder
James Trail
James Trail 16 tundi tagasi
Damn so much top end in the Porsche 911 Turbo.
Stan Senter
Stan Senter 17 tundi tagasi
Spinning tires will never get you down the track.
MyL Ozgurler
MyL Ozgurler 17 tundi tagasi
Porsche all the way
NAN 17 tundi tagasi
Come on...Awd vs Rwd 😒
Tomás Santos
Tomás Santos 19 tundi tagasi
hahhahahaqha pause in 3:44
Hunter Johnson
Hunter Johnson 19 tundi tagasi
Before I actually watch this, let me say: On the racetrack, I've never driven 0 mph. So 0-60 or 0-120 is irrelevant. The only statistic I care about is 60-120 mph, which is pretty much 85% of the speeds on the racetrack. And I guarantee that the Porsche will beat the Dodge 100 times out of 100, especially after 20 or 30 laps when the Dodge's brakes take a holiday. Oh, and by the way, I used to work for Chrysler; I'd never buy one of this cars...ever.
Muhamad Jalloh
Muhamad Jalloh 19 tundi tagasi
Hahaha yanni
Rafay Chauhan
Rafay Chauhan 19 tundi tagasi
Matt buddy, you're a disgrace to racing. stop it :) please !
Big Stevo
Big Stevo 19 tundi tagasi
Is the car sock
Jensen Jrs
Jensen Jrs 21 tund tagasi
Demon may have lost but you have to realize that it wasn't in perfect conditions
nitramarty 22 tundi tagasi
Cmon man the lad can' t drive a car properly
Doppia Effe
Doppia Effe 22 tundi tagasi
Im Sorry but europeans do It Better🇮🇹
Johann Güding
Johann Güding 22 tundi tagasi
Race starts at 5:48
John Rambo
John Rambo 23 tundi tagasi
Switch drivers💩
John Rambo
John Rambo 23 tundi tagasi
The vacuum😆
Lewis 23 tundi tagasi
I swear Yani could be driving at 300mph and still be one handed pulling poses at the camera
Bob McLauchlan
Bob McLauchlan 23 tundi tagasi
Can’t guess, Matt..... Can you guess how many speeds the Porsche PDK really is ? (’s not 8 )
Siddiq Hussain
Siddiq Hussain Päev tagasi
Without installing drag tyres you can’t get the best performance out of Dodge.
joao rodrigues
joao rodrigues Päev tagasi
Americans: there is no replacement for desplacement! Porsche: hold my beer.
Vasilis Constantinides
Vasilis Constantinides Päev tagasi
That Demon was faster from 80kph to 250kph than the Porsche. Enough said.
Bad Max
Bad Max Päev tagasi
porsche any day of the week
6LO - Black Altima.
6LO - Black Altima. Päev tagasi
Krutarth Pawar
Krutarth Pawar Päev tagasi
All that supercharger does is Whine :P
leoevs441 Päev tagasi
Lmao, typical Yank car, all that power an you can't even use it and it looks like a red brick.....
Cuddles Päev tagasi
It’s a stock demon, look what a Drag race demon can do💀
Matthew Demetrius
Matthew Demetrius 2 tundi tagasi
Absolutely nothing
Key Wood99
Key Wood99 Päev tagasi
Muscle cars at playtoys, not dragrace cars
Key Wood99
Key Wood99 Päev tagasi
Porsche is overprized
Lamppost dude 2 dudes
Lamppost dude 2 dudes Päev tagasi
U need traction control on
Relayer6a Päev tagasi
If Brits only new how stupid they sound making fun of Americans. And of course hey have no idea how to drive a muscle car.
Jay B
Jay B Päev tagasi
the demon is a 9 second car if you know what you are doing
Jay B
Jay B Päev tagasi
the demon is a drag car it needs to be at a drag stripe
993mike Päev tagasi
Why is the shipping protective yellow tape still on the Challenger spoiler??
Sidnei Miranda
Sidnei Miranda Päev tagasi
Porsche is number one in the world!
Jay Mopar
Jay Mopar Päev tagasi
Demonology: Already snatched that soul.. Me: well not everyone can drive a demon. Guess these haters always got shit to say but ain't got money to burn. Lol
Snow Cat
Snow Cat Päev tagasi
This is the same moron that only got a 10.3 out of a 720s when they're running 9.8s in Florida heat right?
Ali Ghorbani
Ali Ghorbani Päev tagasi
You are racing against ULTIMATE... that says it all..
Ritanno 97MADA
Ritanno 97MADA Päev tagasi
l'amérique dans toute sa splendeur lool
Spencer Lee
Spencer Lee Päev tagasi
Im Turbo Porsche Guy But really? Is that how you were gona drag race the car? It is a tire smoker but I almost think you were trying to burn the tires😂😂.That thing couldt beat New Turbo Porsche it life depends on it But you were just smoking the tires which IS ALOT OF FUN!🎸🎸🎸
Connor C
Connor C Päev tagasi
‘so then what exactly happened?’ well Mat obviously has no clue how to drive a challenger in drag mode and that’s really all we know.
D O Double G
D O Double G Päev tagasi
GERMAN ENGINEERING: We know you can't drive so we're gonna do EVERYTHING for you. AMERICAN ENGINEERING: We know you can't drive, but we're doing NOTHING for you. Here's a million HP, WORK IT OUT!! 😂
D O Double G
D O Double G Päev tagasi
2nd gear, half throttle, don't floor it till 3rd & you've heated your tires. It's not rocket science guys, lol.
D O Double G
D O Double G Päev tagasi
(I'm sayin' this w/a smile on my face btw). WHY WOULD U RACE THESE 2 CARS?!?! You've got a 911 Turbo S which Porsche underrates the HP on & takes off like a missile vs. a Demon that GOD HIMSELF (or the Devil for that matter) couldn't launch?? Haha 😃. Enjoyed the vid though. 😉👍👍✌️
Matthias Annaberger
Matthias Annaberger Päev tagasi
To be honest, for me the winner is the demon, because while being very fast, the porsche fails to make you feel something, while the demon is just a riot.
D O Double G
D O Double G Päev tagasi
Can anyone tell me why a Demon in the U.S. costs approx. $85k or roughly 68,000 British pounds, but in the U.K. it costs 138,000 pounds or nearly $190k American dollars??
Max Siminenko
Max Siminenko Päev tagasi
How does a demon beat a svj but loose to a turbo s
Pet Shop
Pet Shop Päev tagasi
i feel like those tires arent the most appropriate for the surface youre dragging on
professorstein Päev tagasi
sometimes the driver determines the outcome - like in this video.
Dom Havlik
Dom Havlik Päev tagasi
this man really said the demon is quiet
KlipschHead281 Päev tagasi
Lets bring a Demon to a drag race and not use what it brings to the table, well shit man why did you bring it?? AWD vs the tire slayer from hell and people expected what from this? You got what that Mopar delivers in a situation like that, pure tire smoke.
Isaiah-Jakob Bellamy
Isaiah-Jakob Bellamy Päev tagasi
the Doge Challenger Demon it is the beast .
Joey recoil
Joey recoil Päev tagasi
Dude I have a manual scat pack 392 and I could’ve done better than that. I would say you don’t know how to drive a Dodge Diemond because that was pathetic!!!
ABDULRAHMAN Derhim Päev tagasi
You can't drive the devil's car.
Flo FK
Flo FK 2 päeva tagasi
Mat there is a hole in your shirt (1:30)
KnotPhound 2 päeva tagasi
They sure don't know how to launch the Demon correctly.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 2 päeva tagasi
When matt rev his dodge you realized that is from cs-panda
ZommerGames 2 päeva tagasi
For roll racing, the better option from Dodge would be the Redeye, or even a "regular" Hellcat. The Demon is limited to 168 MPH, whereas the hellcat (charger) and redeye models will exceed 200 MPH. Though, to be honest, I doubt MOST of the time the roll racing would reach those speeds; there are chances they will, but by and large not exactly. As for launches, I really wise Dodge would have spent more time figuring out how to make the Demon launch better all around. Sure, its great at the strip if you know what you're doing, but the Trackhawk Jeep will destroy it off of the line on regular roads (the Jeep being AWD). Had Dodge found a way to either (a) make the Demon AWD or (b) have a better launching system, it would have at least been closer; however, I still think that the Porsche would have edged it out at the end (this coming from a Dodge fan).
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 2 päeva tagasi
American muscle cars are designed to be wrapped around trees, not track.
cichy999 2 päeva tagasi
Most useless clip on carwow ever :(
George Tsekouras
George Tsekouras 2 päeva tagasi
I thought the Demon had 840hp...
Full Ammo
Full Ammo 2 päeva tagasi
Dodge : Weight Lifter Porsche : Martial Artist
Celso Garganta
Celso Garganta 2 päeva tagasi
When matt rev his dodge you realized that is from cs-panda
Sebastian Bratu
Sebastian Bratu 2 päeva tagasi
Who won the war, twice?? Germans, you will lose the third time as well
Lock Master
Lock Master 2 päeva tagasi
Dodge demon have 840hp and high octane fuel if you put drag mode on it
Θάνος Beast
Θάνος Beast 2 päeva tagasi
Nothing compared with old top Gear Hammond captain slow sting and Jeremy Clarkson
Hassan Rehan
Hassan Rehan 2 päeva tagasi
Still I like that demon 😈
Isaiah Butler
Isaiah Butler 2 päeva tagasi
You use the tire on the wrong road if you want to drag race go to actual race stadium
Frankie Torres
Frankie Torres 2 päeva tagasi
All comes down to it's engineering:)
Berk Karataş
Berk Karataş 2 päeva tagasi
Welcome to the real world Demon.. :)
Ali Akbar
Ali Akbar 2 päeva tagasi
German ⚡🔥
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline 2 päeva tagasi
Facepalm, rediculous power stupid realization
Alexis Ledesma
Alexis Ledesma 2 päeva tagasi
Im half american but if I have the money, Im not gonna choose that big red hunk of junk over the porsche. All that power with no traction is like having a ten inch penis but suffers from a terrible case of erectile dysfunction. Its just pointless isnt it?
Dad 2 päeva tagasi
2:00 😂😂😂
VĩneBơ 1
VĩneBơ 1 2 päeva tagasi
American muscle cars are designed to be wrapped around trees, not track.
Billy Lewis
Billy Lewis 2 päeva tagasi
This proved absolutely nothing. Should’ve had drivers from the states.
Bij Dikh
Bij Dikh 2 päeva tagasi
As terrible of a company Chrysler is, and as garbage as the Demon's transmission is, and as obnoxious as the drivers of these cars are, the supercharger whine has always been incredible for these cars. Perfect car poster for a teenage boy named "Clay".
Ken and Brandi
Ken and Brandi 2 päeva tagasi
$85k Demon rear wheel drive vs $203k Porsche all wheel drive with a limiter.
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